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The 2bos World Cup Wallchart


Retro double sided tabloid newsprint wallchart.
Hand-drawn, with fixtures for both the World Cup, and Alternatives.
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POV: The World Cup is coming. You and all your mates at school are excited. You’re all busily discussing who might be competing in the final, trying to convince yourselves that your home nation has a chance, and arguing about which players are going to dominate.

Your Nan knows how much you love football, and in the weeks before the tournament you receive several envelopes, each containing a folded up newsprint wallchart extracted from the centrefolds and supplements of her daily tabloids. There’s one in every room. You’ve already used three for extensive predictions, right down to the scorers in the final. You’re hyped. This is going to be the best summer ever.

Except this time around, it’s not. It’s not the summer, you’re not twelve years old anymore, and this is going to be a very different World Cup.

Thousands of migrant workers being exploited (; rampant homophobia (; actual laws against being gay (, concerns over human rights (; attacks on free speech (; climate denial and blatant disregard for the future of our planet (; and corruption and bribery at the highest levels of FIFA (

So, in a lament to innocence lost, we’ve made the wallchart that this World Cup deserves, printed on newsprint just like it used to be.

On one side, the World Cup. Fill it out, by all means. It’s still a World Cup. We can’t let our sport stolen entirely.

And then on the other side, the Alternative. We’ve picked 64 of the games closest to the matches in the tournament that we could find. Fill that side out, too.

All profits from this wallchart will be matched by myself and donated to Stonewall and, organisations that fight and lobby for the rights of LGBTQ+ people and migrant workers to be taken seriously. There are QR codes on the wallchart if you wish to join us. And for every goal in the tournament I will donate further.

If you’re going to watch the football this winter, do what you can.

Vorsprung durch Fanzines.

All fixtures correct at time of going to print. Price includes UK delivery. It might not arrive in time for the tournament, but we'll do our absolute best.