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Gazzetta dello Fruit Hat


Hand-made, hand-drawn, hand-sewn, and hand-crafted.

Our unofficial season review is back!

Covering the moments that will go down in folklore, the events that the official channels couldn't, and, to be honest, shouldn't cover themselves, delve into the sketchy memories of our first year in the NPL West and get your hands on a moment of '74 history.

Only 74 of these will ever be made, and we won't be publishing the contents anywhere else. If you want to know what's in it - this is your only chance!

Printed, folded, photocopied, and stitched. This is fanzining the old-fashioned way. An artisan creation run through with our blood, sweat, and tears. The jewel in our crown.

Also includes two exclusive stickers to mark the seasons since the last one of these.

ALSO, there are still a few of the old 2019/20 'season' reviews knocking about. So, if you're keen, the option is there.

Price includes UK shipping.